The following is a listing of Ghost hunting definitions and resources you need to use on a ghost hunt.  It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with these conditions since they are used quite frequently during a paranormal investigation. And as for the tools you do not have to rush out and get this gear. A basic camera, video camera would be the minimal otherwise There’s no point in going on a ghost hunt if you cannot show others what you may have captured

Amulets – Amulet Jewellery

Some ghost hunters wear jewellery Known as amulets because they think the amulet jewellery offers protection; because  it is enchanted and charmed with strong spells – that some think make it a powerful weapon against harmful spirits – ghosts. A good example of a frequent amulet may be a crucifix – a cross. We believe jewellery is simply powerful into the mind that believes in it. An amulet is just like a charm or talisman jewellery.


Something located on a picture, Photograph, voice or video recording which has no explainable source.


These are the holy grail of ghost hunting.

A spirit that is in human form and generally visible to the naked eye; or might appear in a photograph unnoticed initially by the naked eye. Frequently this anomaly is dressed in period clothes. Very hard to catch on film but most have reported seeing this sort of ghost. This is the Hollywood Sort ghost featured in several films.


Cameras are an invaluable tool and a must for exploring a haunting. They supply visual proof of the investigation and the happenings happening. Since, cameras are neither for nor against the paranormal, they let that which we do not see with our closed heads to be photographed. Digital cameras provide greater results and therefore are perfect for ghost hunting since they can show you what’s on your image right after you took the photograph.

Digital photographs are available to upload to your computer immediately after the ghost hunt in most extreme haunted houses in Ohio, while the events are still fresh in your mind. Psychic photography is simply just after what you feel or sense, and shooting photos using instinct and purpose. When trying psychic photography you need to load the film into the camera on arrival of the search website. Many say this will demonstrate the intention you have got and draw spirits to you to picture.