While limos are generally going to give you the best possible experience in terms of everything you are going to want to interact with, there is a pretty good chance that the coffee that would be served really wouldn’t be up to the mark. The truth of the situation is that limo rides aren’t really about coffee, so if you want to enjoy your own brew you will have to take the beans along with you and you will also need to figure out the best ways in which you can optimize your coffee drinking experience both for yourself as well as for anyone else that might be interested in giving this beverage a try.

One thing that we would suggest that you do in order to enjoy the best coffee on Ann Arbor limos is to grind your own beans. You never know what kind of quality pre ground beans will be giving to you, so if you take matters into your own hands the end result would be something that is most definitely worth writing home about. You can opt for something that is coarse ground and ensure that this consistency remains even throughout the coffee beans for a smoother cup.

This adds a lot of robustness to the flavor of the coffee as well, something that will create an amazing caffeine buzz for you as well. You don’t want to cover up the high quality beans that you are consuming after all, rather you would prefer to let the flavor speak for itself. Only by grinding your own beans will you be able to optimize your coffee drinking experience based on your own specific preferences and tastes.